We are excited to announce Darian Symoné Harvin as HRDCVR’s Managing Producer. She’s recently of NBC’s Dateline.
tweets: @dariansymone | born: Long Beach, CA | raised: Buffalo, NY | lives: New York, NY | graduate of: Emerson College 
Why HRDCVR?  Well, just the idea of HRDCVR is thoughtful, daring and urges people to think differently—and beyond. It’s new. It’s refreshing. It excites me. I was ready to be a part of something where I had to rise to the occasion. From the moment I met Danyel, I knew I wanted to work with her and learn from her, Elliott as well. I’m ready to make an impact and help others do the same. I’m ready to give direction and take direction and to work on something that others may have thought about—but this is actually happening.
If you had one goal with HRDCVR, what would that be? One goal would be, for everything to make sense. This doesn’t mean we won’t take risks, but I plan on striving for something seamless, and always asking…“Does this make sense?”
You call yourself a “digital journalist,” why join a huge print project like HRDCVR? I call myself a digital journalist because the creative possibilities of telling stories on the Internet are close to endless and this excites me. If you have an idea, you can try it. If you want to find a new method to visually present information, or state facts or tell a story, you have resources to help you out. Take this idea/mindset and apply it to print—it’s why I joined HRDCVR. HRDCVR sets out to push print to its extremes. So for me, there is this abstract but very present line that streams my interest for finding new methods. This makes me excited to be a part of the team.
How will HRDCVR disrupt print and television?I’m not 100% sure yet. I’ll have a better answer in a couple weeks. However I do know this; thinking about the physical HRDCVR and thinking about the digital space, I hope it disrupts and influences content across both platforms. 
Describe your creative style: Clean, modern and consistent. Black and White. Bright. Extremes that work. Consistent patterns with bold lines make me go crazy. In a good way. Fashion has a tremendous influence on my creative style. During an internship where I was actually a publicity intern, I got very involved with the creative department. It totally inspired me and pretty much changed my life. Up until that point, I had only thought of myself as a left-brained person; logical, organized, critical thinker. However my potential skyrocketed once I realized I could use both to be my best self. 
How do you feel when you’re on camera? Exhilarated. In charge. That sounds selfish, but my motivation comes from the desire to inform other people. I’m not afraid of being in front of the camera. I never shy away because when I’m on camera, I feel happy.
Why journalism?  I love talking to people, and writing. I grew up in a relatively diverse environment so I’ve always found ways to connect with people. 
Advice for journalists starting out? SKILL$. Everything you do should be about bulking up your skills. I would encourage going to a college with a strong journalism program, but your education is what you make it. Form genuine connections. Practice your camera skills. Read anything you can get your hands on. Strive to be informed person so you can practice explaining to others what is going on in this world.  —interview conducted by Brendan Bures.
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With the help of our Creative Director Claudia de Almeida, we will announce the application process for the HRDCVR Design Fellowship next week, as well as the application process for the HRDCVR Content Leadership Fellowship.
Thanks to our 516 HRDCVR backers, each HRDCVR Fellowship includes a stipend of $1000.
A project from Danyel Smith and Elliott Wilson, HRDCVR is a one-time hardcover culture magazine created by diverse teams for a diverse world.
We publish in December. 

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